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Cypress Tax Advisors LLC provides timely income tax return preparation and planning services for individuals, trusts, and small businesses at reasonable rates. We also take great pride in helping clients strategize and minimize their tax liability whenever possible.


During our peak season of March/April, tax return preparation is a priority. However, since tax planning is a continuous process, we are available year-round to meet our clients’ tax needs.



Our primary focus is planning and preparation of tax returns for individuals. We have significant experience with complex situations including stock and mutual fund investments, multi-state issues, exercise of stock options, alternative minimum tax, rental properties, sole proprietorships and other matters. Complimentary Tax Organizers are sent to all individual clients at year-end to help gather the information necessary for tax return preparation. We encourage an early start to the return preparation process and normally deliver a two week turnaround. All returns with complete information to us by March 25th are finished by April 15th. We also offer electronic filing to help expedite your refund and offer an alternative for clients to receive a digital copy of their tax returns in addition to or instead of the paper copy.



We have significant experience with planning and tax return preparation for limited liability companies (LLCs), partnerships, and both S and C Corporations. We can work in connection with your attorney to help you with your choice of business entity to maximize your tax savings while preserving your liability protection. We normally strive to complete all corporations and partnership tax returns by the end of February.



Our trust tax return preparation service has experienced tremendous growth over the past few years. We are able to work directly with the trustee to gather tax information and prepare Schedule K-1's for the beneficiaries. Since beneficiaries require Schedule K-1's for their personal returns, we normally complete all trust returns by March 15th.

ESTATE income tax returns


We can work with your attorney to help prepare the income tax filings needed for the settlement of an estate. This includes the final lifetime returns and income tax returns for the estate.